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Home » Products » Agriculture & Feed Additives » Fertilizer » Fertilizer Calcium Nitrite powder 94%

Basic Info

Model No.: Fertilizer Calcium Nitrite powder 94%

Additional Info

Packaging: In 25kgs net plastic woven bag


Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)

Product Description

  Product Description   Fertilizer Calcium Nitrite  powder 94%  Molecular formula: Ca(NO2)2 Molecular weight: 132
Properties: White powder without crystal water. This product is hygroscopic, odorless, well soluble in water ang generate light yellow solution, toxic.
Technical standard: Q142401/CSC-01-2000  
Indicator item
First grade
Second grade
Calcium nitrite[Ca(NO2)2 dry basis]%
Calcium nitrate[Ca(NO2)2 dry basis]%
Calcium hydroxide[Ca(NO2)2 dry basis]%
Moisture %
Water insoluble content %
      Use: This product is mainly used as main raw material of cement concrete admixture and can be prepared to concrete antifreeze, rebar corrosion inhibitor, early strength agent, etc. This product can also be used in heavy oil washing, lubricating oil emulsification, chemical organic synthesis and other fields.
     1. Antifreeze: Can reduce the freezing point of the mixing concrete. Construction temperature can be down to -25 °C. Negative temperature can promote the hydration of mineral components in cement. It is a new generation of low-alkali chlorine-free antifreeze.
     2. Rebar corrosion inhibitor: It has excellent passivation, rust resistance and protection effects. Adding 2-3% calcium nitrite can prolong the life of buildings and structures for 20-50 years.
     3. Can prepare early strength agent to improve concrete strength, reduce cement consumption and shorten construction period.
     This product fundamentally overcomes the defects of concrete alkali aggregate reaction and electrochemical corrosion, improves the physical and mechanical properties and durability of concrete to get high quality concrete.   Packing: 25/40kg woven bag lined with plastic or according to customer requirements.     Packaging & Shipping